With Us, Everything Is PossibleFull Service Shop vision scenery

  • Platforms / decking / risers, steeldeck for rent
  • Office space for designers available
  • Full service shop (carpentry shop, paint department, design, etc.)
  • We work with any budget - no job is too big or too small
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • List of clients include Toyota, Nike, Old Spice, and more!
  • Available 24/7 if you need us

Take a look at our Portfolio carpentry shop - paint department - design department - and much more

ucla pod


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kanye west

Music Video

TV commercial

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Roller Coaster

All the Bright Places

Our talented Set builders built this functional Roller Coaster for the Netflix movie "All the Bright Places".

Covid 19


Directors Booth- Packs Flat. 


Daft Punk Grammys Set

We have a 100,000 square feet workshop in Sylmar, Los Angeles.

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american idol

American Idol

Our talented set builders will realize your ideas at our workshop in Sylmar, LA.

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Lady Gaga Piano

From prop car miniatures to NBA trophies - the team of Vision Scenery knows how to create high quality custom props.

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Miniature Circus

We are renowned specialists for miniature fabrication. In our workshop we create small landscapes, cities and objects.

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Architectural Models

The experienced team of Vision Scenery constructs architectural models. On this page you can take a look at some examples.

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With Us, Everything Is PossibleFull Service Shop vision scenery

Vision Scenery's talented team of professionals are most noted for their expertise, vast experience, customer service and willingness to work with any budget.

We build the sets for major TV commercials, tradeshow booths, movies, and print work. We are the biggest set shop in LA, with a 100,000 sqft facility, conveniently located to the 210 and 118 freeways.

All of the latest technology is available on our premises, such as CNC Routing, CNC Foam Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, and 3D Printing/5-axis CNC machines. We make projects for anybody and anything. From podiums for the president of the United States to random neon signs.

Check out Our ServicesFilm - Television - Commercials - Videos

Set Construction

Vision Scenery's talented and experienced team of craftsmen build custom sets, exhibits, themed attractions and furniture - utilizing a variety of methods and materials, including wood, metal, plastics, foam and paint. Our goal is to bring your "vision" to life.


Set Design

Let us take your concept from design through production. We provide construction drawings in scenery, backdrops, trade show and museum exhibits, retail displays, showrooms, film, stage and television.


Custom Props

What better way to show your client a creative idea than with a visual presentation using a custom prop. Our custom advertising props, sets, and prototypes are used for ad pitches, media events, display, film, video and photography projects.



No job is too small. At Vision Scenery we design and create scale duplicates of imaginary or real objects when, for practical considerations, the actual object is unavailable.


Scenic Painting

Artfully applied paint can fool an audience into believing almost anything. At Vision Scenery our scenic painters are skilled in the art of deception and mimicry.


Platform Rental

Vision Scenery offers a broad range of stages and platforms to meet your needs, including a wide size variety in stages, skirting by the foot and with various heights, platform steps, stage floor coverings, and more!


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Set Construction – Your Full-Service Partner In Los Angeles

Custom sets, models, miniatures, and rentals for Film, Television, Commercials and Videos.

Vision Scenery is considered one of the top set construction companies in Southern California servicing clients around the globe. Our talented team of professionals is most noted for their expertise, vast experience, customer service and willingness to work with any budget.

We are the biggest set construction shop in Los Angeles, with a 100,000 square foot facility, conveniently located to the 210 and 118 freeways.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small – We Work On Any Budget!

Benefit from over 35 years of experience and a wide range of different services. We build sets for major TV commercials, trade show booths, movies and print work. Vision Scenery is a full-service shop including an office space for designers, a carpentry shop as well as a paint department.

All of the latest technology is available on our premises in Sylmar, Los Angeles, such as:

  • CNC routing
  • CNC foam cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • 3D printing
  • 5-axis CNC machine

We make projects for anybody and anything – from podiums for the President of the United States, set construction for the Toyota Prius presentation to random neon signs. The highest quality standards and quick turnaround times are just two of our qualities.

You can also rent our platforms, decking, risers or steel decks. Just get in touch with our experts – our set construction shop in Los Angeles is available 24/7 if you need us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!