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Custom Props Made By Vision Scenery In Los Angeles

For over 20 years, Vision Scenery’s team of skilled artists, craftsmen and designers have created custom props, special effects, and displays for top names in the entertainment industry. Our services have reached all of Los Angeles, Southern California, and the entire world.

Our services include the sculpting and pattern making, mold making and casting, vacuum forming, metal working and machining, electronics, scenic and automotive paint finishes.

Your Specialist For Custom Props, Displays, And Special Effects In Los Angeles

From oversized custom props to design prototypes – we realize your projects using state-of-the-art technology like 3D printing, waterjet cutting or CNC routing. Just get in touch with our experts to talk about your plans.

Every job is different and custom-made – take a look at our service range:

  • Sculpting
    Whether you need a small design maquette or a fifteen-foot tall statue – Vision Scenery’s sculpting team can turn a two-dimensional concept into a three-dimensional reality.
  • Mechanical Effects
    In the process of custom fabricating for film production and themed entertainment, there are often times requiring practical animation or movement. From the theme park rigs that need to run year round or a special effect for a few seconds of film – our creative team has the experience and resources to make the action happen.